“Welcome to my beach…


I’d gone off on my own to explore. Leaving Sarah and my friends to soak up the Coronas and rays without me. I knew that parts of the beach were private and off limits to tourists, but I figured if I got caught in the wrong place I’d play dumb and the worst that could happen is I’d be told to leave. 

I was a couple of miles from the resort, basking in the solitude. Nothing but white sand, lush green foliage and blue waves to keep me company. I came to an area of the beach where large boulders were strewn from the tree line out onto the sand as if a giant child had been playing with them and then been suddenly called home for dinner, leaving them helter-skelter on the beach.

I turned away from the surf’s edge to see what lay among these huge stones, what secrets they may be guarding. After a few twists and turns I came upon an area of open sand walled in by the tall stones. A worn path disappeared between two of the huge crags at the back and into the dense rainforest. A sea blue blanket lay out in the sunshine accompanied by a small basket and an unopened beach umbrella. Someone was probably nearby so I decided to make myself scarce.

When I turned to head back out the way I’d come it was blocked by a beautiful woman. She was not smiling as she said,

“Welcome to my beach…bitch.”

“Oh! Hi…I was just leaving. I seem to be lost…I’m staying at the resort and went for a walk and kind of lost track of where I was and…” She continued to look at me sternly. “…and well…I’ll just be going.” I started toward her since it was the only way back out to the beach. As I got closer to her I realized that she was a big girl. A several inches taller than me, ten or fifteen years younger than me, and in way better shape. She stepped sideways to block my exit and that was when I noticed the bulge in her swimsuit.

“Not so fast, bitch. You don’t just wander in here and then leave like you own the place.” I looked up into her hard eyes and my stomach dropped. Things were going south fast. I needed to turn on the charm and talk my way out of this. I put on my best girl melting smile and said,

“Listen, I didn’t mean anything. I was just doing a little harmless exploring. I didn’t touch your stuff. No harm, no foul. Now, please just let me go and I’ll be sure to stay away from here the rest of the vacation.” Her expression didn’t change.

“It’s not that simple bitch. You’ve trespassed. You’re someplace you were not invited and now you must pay the price.” I swallowed hard. Time to beg.

“Please! Please! Don’t call the cops! They’ll throw me in jail and I don’t have the money for bail or bribes or whatever it’s going to take to get out!” I hung my head and noticed her bulge looked bigger. Uh-oh.

“I don’t call the cops. Here at Ms. Campanello’s island home I am the cops and I can deal with you any way I choose. Tell me bitch, are you a virgin?” My head snapped up.

“What? Virgin? No! I’ve been with plenty of girls!” Her eyes narrowed.

“Not your pencil dick. Your ass.”


“You are. You’re a virgin. I can feel it in my balls. I haven’t had a nice, tight virgin ass in a long time.” She pulled her right hand off her hip and rubbed her growing bulge as the outline of a very impressive penis began to show. She made a little kissy face and informed me. “I’m going to take your virginity for trespassing.” Her fingers lightly played over the bulge as she looked me in the eye and said, “Time to pay, bitch.” I bolted for the path leading into the forest.

I used to be a pretty fair sprinter in high school, but the sun has set on those days. I didn’t make it more than half way across the open sand when she tackled me from behind and I went down like a sack of potatoes. She landed on me and the weight of her body forced the breath from me in a whoosh. I tried to struggle, but all I could do was gasp like a fish pulled from the surf and tossed on the sand. She knelt astraddle my legs, one big hand in the middle of my back as she shucked my board shorts off my ass. My virgin ass. I felt her moving around then heard her spit several times. The next thing I knew something hard and slippery with that spit was between my ass cheeks. Fingers gripped one cheek and pulled it over so that slippery tip could find my hole and then the invasion began.

Pressure and pain built as this Amazonian woman began to penetrate me. It felt like she was trying to shove her fist up my ass instead of her cock head. 

“I knew you were a virgin! This is going to feel so damn good.” She stopped for a second and when I heard her spit this time I felt it drop on my tightly clenched sphincter. She renewed her assault. “Relax and give this ass to me. It’s the price you’re paying for trespassing.” She pushed hard and my breath came back all at once.


“Yea, bitch! Yell it out!” She pushed hard again and my ass surrendered. I felt her open me up and sink into me. “Oh! So tight! So fucking tight! You may have to pay several times with an ass this good!” She didn’t wait for me to adjust to her, she simply started fucking me. At first all I could focus on was the fullness. How she filled me. How her being inside me made me feel. I’d never known what it was like to taken like this, to be subjugated to her will. All the while she talked to me. “You’ve got a nice ass bitch, and it’s my ass. When you brought it on this property you gave it over to me. You might as well have walked in here, dropped your shorts and  bent over for me. It’s likes my cock too. It keeps squeezing it, milking it, it wants my cum in it.”

As she talked I began to notice other things. How she was gripping me, how her tits were grinding into my back, how her legs were smooth against mine. Then she changed the angle of her attack and her cock head started to pound my prostate. I didn’t know if I was going to piss in the sand or cum, but this new feeling overwhelmed me. My head was spinning with this experience. I’d always been drawn to bossy girls, but this girl was the ultimate version of a bossy girl. As she hammered my prostate she taunted me.

“I’m good at this bitch. I’m stroking against your hard little prostate and I can almost always make a guy cum when I fuck him like this. Moan for me bitch, moan and let me know you appreciate my style of fucking!” I was moaning. I couldn’t help it. I’d never felt like this before. “I feel your ass squeezing my cock. You’re going to cum soon and when you do I’m going to unload in your ass. You’re going to be my bitch. I hope you didn’t bring a girlfriend on vacation, cause you’re my bitch boy for the rest of your stay.”

Between the things she was saying and her dick pummeling my helpless ass I was lost in a submissive fog I never wanted to find my way out of. Suddenly my body betrayed me and an orgasm rolled through me like a high balling freight train.

“OH FUCK!!! OH MY FUCKING….OH MY….FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!” I filled my board shorts with cum. 

“YEAH BITCH!!! Put another notch in my lipstick case! I’m making you blow your load in your shorts!” She pounded me harder than ever as she closed in on her own orgasm. Then it happened. She exploded deep inside me. “Ooooo, you’re my bitch now! My cum is filling you up and making you mine! Oh yeah! This is some nice ass! Good and tight and begging for more of my cock!” She jerked a couple of times as the last of her cum dribbled into me. She leaned in close to my ear and bit it. I yelped in pain as she said. “Well my little bitch. You’re mine now. You’re going to spend the rest of your vacation with my dick in you.”

She got up off of me and deftly tucked her cock back into her swim suit. She adjusted it so that the bulge was very prominent then reached her hand down to me. I took it and when she pulled me to my feet sand was stuck to the wet spot on the front of my shorts. As soon as I pulled them back up onto my hips she took my hand and started pulling me toward the beach. I bulked and asked,

“Where are we going?” She turned back and smiled sweetly as she told me.

“I’m taking you back to the resort.” 

“Oh, there’s no need for that. I’m sure I can find my way back on my own, but thanks for the offer.” Her smile grew.

“Oh my little bitch. I’m not taking you back to stay, I’m taking you back to get your shit and let your friends know where you are. Then I’m bring you back here and your going to spend the rest of the week around my dick.” My face turned white. She rubbed the bulge in her swim suit and added, “I’m sure you’re friends want to know what happened to you.” The image of her pulling me by my hand up to my friends and fiancé with that bulge in her suit made my gut go cold.

“I can’t. We can’t! Sarah can’t see…”

“Oh we can and we will. Now come on.”

Taking my hand she pulled me from the protection of the surrounding boulders and back toward my friends and fiancé and my life was changed forever.