Top Girls: Rare but out there.

My stories frequently depict very dominant scenes. Strong top girls taking the men they want and not caring about anything else. I love to write these stories.  They set my mind free from the everyday hum drum, allowing me to explore a world that I want to visit, even if I am not sure I want to live there.

Top girls take my breath away. The more beautiful they are the more I stand in awe of how they can make a guy feel. I am sure that if I ever met my muse, Foxy Angel, or any of the the other amazing tops that grace adult entertainment I would be completely tongue tied. Stammering out how beautiful she is while shivering in my skin, sure in the knowledge that she could spread my legs and take me places I have only ever dreamed about.

I read in chat rooms that there are no true tops out there. The ones that do top are only doing it for the money. I wonder if that is true? Is it a simple case of economics? As soon as there is enough money in the bank for that last big surgery will they walk through that hospital door and knock those last dusty bits of maleness from their pumps? Maybe. If you spend your whole life dreaming of having wings to fly and the doctor tells you he can make it happen, are you going to continue riding around in a plane? Doubtful.

But I don’t buy into that chat room BS that its all about the money. If that were the case wouldn’t more girls take the final cut as soon as possible? Okay, so I can hear the cynics out there saying their just riding the gravy train till time and gravity forces them into the station. I’m sure some are doing exactly that, which is no different than a pro athlete milking his talent to the end so who can blame them?

I think there are changes just over the horizon. To my eye there are more top girls out there than ever before and finding their work on the internet is easier than ever. They are still rare and special, but not unicorn rare, more like eagle rare. Which means that you can find them if you know where to look.  I believe there are girls out there who have realized being a beautiful top is to be worshiped. Guys are begging and pleading you to take them and make them your own. If you are a top girl, whether all the time or just when it suits you, I would encourage you to embrace it. Be that Eagle so many guys are searching for and know what it is to be worshiped.

Penis Size: How important is it?

Do you like em big? That take your breath away big that makes you whimper in euphoric stretching pain? Penis size is referred to in most dominant shemale stories I’ve read and every one I’ve written. Yep, I’m probably more guilty of that than any other author. Blame it on my submissiveness.

For a guy like me who has never known the stretch of a shemale penis the size is purely about submission and I dare say that it is the same for a lot of my fellow subs out there. Her massive tool is more about dominance than the pleasure it would bring to the bedroom….or balcony, or kitchen, or bathroom or….well I think you get the picture. Shemale penis size is important from a sub’s perspective because if that curvy sweet girl whips out a schwantz that dwarfs yours, and then maybe gloats about it a little, well that presses the express elevator button to the sub basement! “Grovel in awe of my massive member you pathetic pencil dicked male!” But would you really want that monster invading your tender hole?

It would be incredibly erotic to loose a penis size comparison with Isabel Tucci above, but if it was a ‘winner take all’ contest I doubt that as the loser I could take the winner. She’s a little too big for the condom and a lot too big for a virgin. The same would go for Sabrina Suzuki below.

If there was a contest this guy definitely lost. I love how much bigger Sabrina’s penis size is and yet how much fun would it be to be skewered on that thing? I suppose it would be fun for her. Super tight hole meet super hard peg and proceed to force fit. I can just hear her moaning in delight as she is squeezed by a panicked hole that can’t stretch out fast enough.

Still, there is way more to being a sub than the physical stuff. Her penis size is part of it, but her attitude and confidence are where it’s really at. I don’t care if her prick is smaller than mine as long as she could take control and use me for her pleasure.

So give me a girl with any size penis, but the confidence to move mountains and if she wants to take me I’ll be putty in her hands.

The Post Election World

Now before you get your panties in a bind this is NOT a political post. This blog is not about that stuff. But let’s put my favorite spin on it…what if the president elect was a dominant T-Girl? A mature  woman with that something extra that wanted to change the face and sexuality of the nation? She would surround herself with a cabinet of like minded and endowed women and a few pet men.

Soon special rights are bestowed upon the other dominant T-Girls and those that were on the dominant fence would seek to take advantage of these special rights and embrace their dominant side. Men that embrace their submissiveness would get advantages in job searches and any other area where they would be interacting with these dominant T-Girls.

Maybe this world would be easier to explain away if it were a Futa Commander and Chief. Some people write about how a Futa can bind a man to her by having him swallow her cum. This is an interesting world to me and brings up lots of submissive scenes to write about. Though I’d feel a little like a trespasser in this world I have considered writing there.

Perhaps my Commander and Chief should be a woman in her early 40s honestly elected by her country. When several months into her term of office something or someone causes a nation wide genital switch. She grows a penis and her male vice president suddenly has a vagina. Of course a change like that would bring on a new sexual revolution. Where would this brave new world go from here? Oh there are as many choices as there are cum shots from our newly born T-Girl pres. I might have to explore this delicious world further…after I wrap up my current book of course.

My Nympho T-Girl teaser

I LOVE Anasheya's work!
I LOVE Anasheya’s work!

In no way will this post meet all of the little things I’m supposed to do for a great post. I’m posting Anasheya’s preliminary cover art for my next book and an unedited excerpt from it. I hope you enjoy this little tease.

I knocked on the door and again got the call from inside. Evidently she didn’t feel a need to be sure it was me at the door. I went in and called out,


“In the den!” A strained voice came from deeper within. I walked toward the den. On the way through the kitchen I saw carry out bags from Romano’s, the little Italian place on the corner a couple of blocks away. The food smelled wonderful and my stomach grumbled in hopes that it could over rule my other needs. No way was that happening. I entered the den and found Rachel lying on the leather sofa. Hand pumping furiously in her lap. Red faced she looked up at me and said,

“Thank God! Come over here and take over for me.” She had changed out of her work clothes and was wearing an open necked gray tee shirt that let one very sexy shoulder hang out. There were some shorts or something on the floor, but I was more interested in the fact that I couldn’t see a bra strap. She sat up and I sat down on her right so I could reach across her and use my right hand. Her cock was hard and shiny from the liberal amount of lubrication she had applied. I wrapped my hand around her straining member and if felt like I was gripping a thick hunk of steel encased in soft hot skin. “MMMMMMMMM…that feels wonderful! It always feels so much better when someone else does it.” She hooked her right leg over my left knee and scooted her butt closer to the edge. My thumb and forefinger barely met around her, but my bigger hand was doing a better job of getting around her girth than her petite one. I gripped her at the base and a couple of inches or so protruded from my hand. I stroked up and let my fingers follow the contour in around the smaller head of her penis. My hand was lubed pretty good, but not as slippery as hers had been so there was more friction. “That feels incredible! I always use too much oil. It feels so good, but makes it hard to get enough friction sometimes.” She pushed her head back into the soft cushion on the sofa as she watched my hand hungrily. “Guys always do this better than girls. It’s familiarity with the equipment I suppose.” She quipped as my hand went up over her head and back down along the shaft in steady strokes. I kept the pressure on, but not too much. I wanted to make it last for her. She squirmed, panting and groaning under my ministrations, lost in a cloud of euphoric lust. She licked her lips and would occasionally speak little words of encouragement. “Oh yea…that’s it…yea, just like that…maybe a little tighter…c’mon don’t tease me…I’m going to cum soon…your hand feels so damn good!” I’m caught up in her. Mesmerized by her. Her voice, her body, her aura of power and her cock. I could see her nipples showing through the tee shirt so I reached up to take the nearest one between my fingertips and roll it inside the cloth. I pulled it out toward me and also pull a moan of intense pleasure from Rachel. I got another grip and squeezed the whole breast, feeling the nipple poke into the palm of my hand, the breast is soft and as realistic as any I’ve ever felt. A woman’s breast. Her hips thrust up to meet my down stroke and she is panting with desire. I think she’s going to explode all over the place any second when she says.

“Get those pants off. I want to come inside of you. No more waiting.” She pawed at my belt, but was so horny that she was almost delirious and couldn’t get it apart. I released her nipple and prick to remove my pants. “No! Don’t let go!”

“I have to if I’m going to get my pants off!”

“I know, I know! Just hurry up!” I got my belt and pants undone and before I could get up she popped up off the couch and grabbed my pants and yanked. After a couple of tires I was almost off on the floor when she got them off me and threw them behind her without a glance. Rachel grabbed my legs and flipped me onto my belly before she pounced on me. I got glimpses of her cock bobbing around as she got into position over my ass. She grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread them apart for easy access. Aiming with her hips she lined up the tip and pushed it against my hole. It didn’t exactly slide right in though. A frustrated ‘Uh’ escaped Rachel as she worked and pushed. She was whimpering as she tried to hold off her orgasm till she could be inside me, but it didn’t work. With the tip pressed against my sphincter she exploded. Some shot into me and I felt some land on my back and ass cheeks. Rachel grunted and groaned as she came. When she was finished she said,

“Well that didn’t exactly work out how I planned it, but any orgasm beats no orgasm. Markus, if we’re going to be dating you’re going to have to learn to accommodate me without so much work.” Her prick was still hard and ready so she pushed harder and I groaned in pain and I tried to scoot away from her. She kept the pressure up by following me until I was trapped in the corner of the couch by the arm rest. She scrabbled for purchase with her legs and pushed harder. I was gritting my teeth when the extra lubrication of her cum finally allowed her to force me open far enough to accept her. Her hips thumped into my butt cheeks to make a slapping noise. Without hesitation she started to hump me in total abandon. Even though she had just cum she was still terribly horny and in that position we looked just like a couple of dogs the way she was going at me. It took a little while, but she eventually made several hard hunches, hips coming forward, her chin digging into the top of my shoulder as she exploded and dumped all of this load inside me. There were a couple more, involuntary jerks as she expelled the last squirts from her hard cock. She stayed inside me, breathing hard and I could feel her heart beating against her ribs. Once again I hadn’t come and I was still horny so I clamped down on her with my sphincter. That got a response.

“Mmmmm…that’s it baby. Milk me. Keep me hard. I can go again. Not only can I go again, but I want to. This time I’ll make sure you join me.”

I was up on my knees when she reached around behind her and grabbed my aching member. She started to roll her hips instead of thrusting. It was more of a grinding motion as she gripped and stroked my prick. Her hand was still slippery from her working her own cock earlier and with each stoke she made my guts churn with her cock. I was delirious and within minutes she pushed me over the top. I cried out into the corner of the couch as she milked an incredible orgasm out of my body and onto the leather cushion.

“OH Rachel! OH Hell! Shiiiit….Fuuuuck! UGH, Uuuuuugh!!!” 

“You liked that, didn’t you. My hard cock balls deep in your ass while I milk your little boy dick. You loved it. Just wait till I do it when you can watch me. When you get to look in my eyes and know that I own your orgasms and when I give one out it is going to be worth the wait. You see, I’ve found that a man who is horny is much more willing to do what I want. Because of this I’m going to control your orgasms. I will guarantee that when you have one it will be toe curling intense. Can you do it? Can you give me control?” I turned my head to talk over my shoulder,

“Well…I don’t know. I mean…I like to orgasm when I’m horny and all.” She pulled my face around farther and kissed me as she worked her hips causing her still stiff rod to rotate inside me. It hurt a little and felt wonderful all at the same time. I gasped and my sphincter clamped down on her again.

“That’s it. You like me inside you. You want to be my boyfriend. Don’t you?”  I whispered,


“So you’re going to let me have control of your orgasms. Right?” I was lost in her. Impaled on her thick womanhood I would have agreed to anything. Again I answered,


“Good. Now I know you just came and your hormones have dropped off so this is not going to be as much fun for you, but I’m going to have one more orgasm.”

With that statement she started to fuck me. And that was exactly what it was. A fuck. It was all about her getting off and I was just a living, breathing hole to cum in. It took her awhile and the whole time I was feeling used. She grunted and groaned and finally pumped her third orgasm into my ass. She didn’t linger at all after she was finished. Rachel simply got up off of me and with a slap on the ass said,

“Thanks Markus. This has been the best day I’ve had in quite a while. Bathroom’s down the hall. I expect you might need to use it. If you have time you’re welcome to get a shower if you want. When do you need to be at work?”

Work! Oh hell! I’d forgot all about that! I looked at the wall clock and groaned.

“Son-of-a-bitch! Ten minutes ago!” I leapt up off of the couch and started to throw on my clothes as quick as possible. Rachel said,

“I’ll go get you some food take with you.”

She left the room and as I was buckling my belt I could feel a little of her cum leaking out of my ass. Great. I pulled out my phone and there was the text asking where in the hell I was. I shot back that I was having car problems and was on my way. Stuffed it back in my pocket and headed out. As I went through the kitchen a smiling Rachel handed me a brown paper bag.

“I’m really sorry I made you late for work, but this has truly been one of the best days I’ve had in ages!” She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “Could you be here by 8 in the morning?”

“Sure, I guess. Why?”

“I’m a horny girl Markus. Why do you think?” It only took a second.

“Oh. Oh, sure. I’ll be here.”

“Good. I’m counting on it.” Rachel pushed a key into the palm of my hand. “See you then.”

With that she gave me a swat on my cum greased ass and sent me out the door. It was going to be a long night at work.

The Mighty T-Girl Bulge

I love a nice T-Girl bulge. Small ones, big ones, doesn’t matter much to me. It’s more of the context of the situation. I think an actual T-Girl bulge is rare for the obvious reason, she’s trying to look like a girl. And I can fully understand that and support it. However, for the purposes of my fantasies at least, I think there are situations where a T-Girl bulge is hugely erotic.

Honey, let's go dancing!
Honey, let’s go out dancing tonight!

I believe that it shows potential to the world for where an evening could go and if she shoots you the right look it could also show some delicious  intent. Now living in the sleepy Midwest I have yet to see a T-girl bulge out anywhere. Pretty sure that it’s never going to happen here, L.A. maybe, Midwest, nope, but this pictures work for me.

I love the images like this first one. She is dressed for the public and in my mind she wants to let the world know what the lucky guy she’s with is going to get tonight. Her T-girl bulge!

These next pictures could be photo shopped/faked but since I’m in the

I just love being near the ocean with you!
I just get so excited being near the ocean with you!

business of selling fantasies so who am I to judge? Besides, they are both believable and great shots.  Can you imagine strolling along the bay with this lovely woman? She is holding your hand and sneaking you kisses as you stroll along the waterfront.  The other couples passing you see her bulge and smile knowingly. She whispers all warm and breathy in your ear, “I love how it turns you on for me to show my bulge in public.”



Uh...something's come up and I think we need to go home! Yes, now!
Uh…something’s come up and I think we need to go home! Yes, now!

This woman is sporting a little something extra in her shorts. You two are visiting with the neighbors when the way you lick your lips has an interesting effect on your girlfriend’s T-girl bulge. Her sudden desire to enjoy your talented mouth causes her to announce to the table. “Come on Honey. We need to go home. I have something I need you to do for me.” When she stands up her need is obvious to everyone at the table as she takes your hand and pulls you home.

These are just my idle T-girl bulge fantasies. I’m sure you have some of your own. If you want you can share yours in a comment if you like.

Foxy Angel’s Look

The look. We’ve all seen it in a picture or a video clip. It’s that moment where a hot T-Girl looks through the camera lens and into you heart….or maybe straight into your soul. For me no T-Woman in the world was ever better at it than Foxy Angel. My muse and reason for ever putting finger to key. I could fill five pages with stills of her smoldering looks into the camera. I liked T-Girls before I found her, but she fits my fantasy perfectly.

Foxy blog picTake this look for instance. The confidence that Angel exudes in this look absolutely melts me. Reclining on her elbow, golden tresses cascading around her breasts and shoulders. Everyone is in their proper place. She is smugly superior with her erect and throbbing cock in his very willing mouth. Angel’s look into the camera says ‘I know you wish you were in his place’ and totally reinforces that this is how it’s supposed to be and for a sub like me, well whom I to argue?

Of course this isn’t Angel’s only look. She has the ‘I’m having a whole lotta fun doing this’ look too.pic03 Angel for blog Please see the example below. She looks like she is genuinely having fun and that is a whole different kind of turn on and maybe even a bigger one. Because a sub like me wants to give the woman they are with pleasure and fun. And if she’s having fun sticking her hard cock in my mouth that is the icing on the cake!!!


And just in case you were wondering, Angel’s great looks into the camera don’t stop when the sucking stops. They also apply to when she is balls deep in some lucky guy. Below she has doubled down on the looks. She is having fun and that confidence is showing through again. She knows that you want to have her doing that to you. She knows that you want to give yourself to her and provide her with the pleasure of an intense orgasm. At least that is what I see when she is looking at me through that camera lens. And to have that incredible smile shining down on me while I give her everything I have to offer would be a dream come true.


Shemale Bride on a Mission

I’ve always had a weakness for a shemale bride. I mean, come on! How hot would it be for your new bride to be a shemale?! Standing there beside her giving your vows, ‘Richer or poorer’, ‘Sickness and health’,  and of course ‘Honor and obey until death do you part’. That sounds very binding and permanent.

Shemale Bride on a mission
Shemale Bride on a mission

Now imagine saying those vows to this incredible shemale bride. Would you honor and obey her until death do you part? I say, hell yea! She is everything I could wish for and I think her intentions are perfectly clear. She is eager to consummate this marriage and take the final step to making the man she loves completely hers. She is going to fill him up with her special shemale bride kind of love and he’s pulling of his pants more than willing to receive it.

My guess is that he would be receiving lots of shemale bride love during the honeymoon. She’d probably step up behind him at the balcony of their hotel as he’s looking at the ocean. She’d get all excited and slip into him. Then she’d tell him how happy she is. Throbbing inside him she whispers in his ear “Oh honey, you are going to be the best husband ever! I’ve only dreamed that it could be this great!”

Then after the honeymoon she would go from being the horny shemale bride to the insatiable shemale wife. Hanging out with his friends would become tough because she would be telling him “Come on honey, I’m ready to go home so we can have some alone time.” There’d be cat calls from the group, but if one of them was observant enough, they just might spy that bulge in her jeans that says she’s going to take him home and rock his world. Which is why he married her in the first place.

I pulled this screen shot from a video because it makes me want to write a wedding scene and it’s great fodder for a little alone time of my own. You should really watch the whole video if you get the chance, though in my opinion this shot and the minute or so prior are the best parts. She is super sexy, rubbing that hard on between his legs as she kisses on him and helps him undress. I wish I had the whole thing here to share. I would love to have Ferro Network as a sponsor because I love their work. I just wish I could speak Spanish.




Balls bigger than his.

Here's the pic I was talking about!
Here’s the pic I was talking about!

Ok, so I got the description of the picture all messed up. But the size of her big balls versus his I did not get wrong. Would you look at that difference! I swear he looks like he’s been neutered compared to her. Check out that look on her face. She looks like she saying “What? Never seen a horny girl balls deep in a guy?” Of course she could also be saying “Don’t worry baby, I’ve got another load for you next!” What about, “Oh, I didn’t know this was your man…just a sec, I’m almost done.” “I figured since he didn’t have any balls I’d show him mine.”

Enough of that. Maybe I should try my hand at captions and start posting to Imagefap. Anyway, I just wanted to share the picture with you. Hope I don’t get into copyright trouble for this…