Pounding Johnny

Your pretty, blonde step-mom Becky wasn’t always married to your dad. There was a time in her life when she was living it up. Camping with friends, drinking beer and pounding Johnny with the rest of the girls. I bet if you ask her, she has lots of stories to tell you, and if you’re lucky, maybe she’ll demonstrate a few of them on you.

Don’t Be Silly

You work so hard to raise your daughters right. Teach them to respect boys and treat them as they would want to be treated. Then modern culture goes and turns all of that on it’s head. I hope those poor boys are ready for her.

Educating is Hard Work

“It’s so hard to motivate kids these days. You punish them for not turning in the homework you’ve given them and the next thing you know it like and epidemic! No one’s turning in their homework and you spend the whole day doling out punishments! It’s enough to wear a dedicated teacher out! I wonder, since this isn’t working as a punishment, would it work as a reward?”

Wanna See?

Your girlfriend has a surprise for you and practically drags you up to her bedroom. She makes you face the closet as she gets ready and when she tells you to turn around you see her reclining on the bed. The look in her eye says she wants to try something new, and you’re going to try it with her. Wanna see how big it gets?