Am I Straight or Gay?

According to my own test I’m straight with an open mind. Go figure. But then some people would accuse me of setting up the test to fit what I think I am. Can’t blame them for that and from their side of street I would probably say the same. But give me a few lines to explain.

While looking at some pictures of a female to male transgender I tried to imagine what it would be like to make love to that person knowing full well that they are genetically female. What I’m supposed to like as a male to keep the old human race going and all. If I’m honest, I don’t think I could do it. Maybe that makes me superficial, beauty being only skin deep and all that stuff, but I identify that person as a male and the thought of being intimate with them is anything but erotic for me. In my life I have seen several men that I thought were incredibly handsome or beautiful depending on your favorite adjective, however, I’ve have yet to see or meet one that I was sexually attracted to. None that I’ve wanted to kiss.

In my mind I think this proves that I’m at least mostly straight, or maybe I’m straight confused. Who knows? I put together that test for fun and to provoke some thought. I figured there might be others out there who wonder where they fall out on the straight vs gay scale. In truth, I hope the test tells you that maybe you shouldn’t worry about it at all. Like what you like and go out and enjoy it. If you like males, go get you one, females, sure why not. Girls with something extra or guys with something missing, if it stokes your fire enjoy it.

Life is short and pleasures can be fleeting. Embrace what you like and go out there and get it!

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