Am I Straight or Gay?

According to my own test I’m straight with an open mind. Go figure. But then some people would accuse me of setting up the test to fit what I think I am. Can’t blame them for that and from their side of street I would probably say the same. But give me a few lines to explain.

While looking at some pictures of a female to male transgender I tried to imagine what it would be like to make love to that person knowing full well that they are genetically female. What I’m supposed to like as a male to keep the old human race going and all. If I’m honest, I don’t think I could do it. Maybe that makes me superficial, beauty being only skin deep and all that stuff, but I identify that person as a male and the thought of being intimate with them is anything but erotic for me. In my life I have seen several men that I thought were incredibly handsome or beautiful depending on your favorite adjective, however, I’ve have yet to see or meet one that I was sexually attracted to. None that I’ve wanted to kiss.

In my mind I think this proves that I’m at least mostly straight, or maybe I’m straight confused. Who knows? I put together that test for fun and to provoke some thought. I figured there might be others out there who wonder where they fall out on the straight vs gay scale. In truth, I hope the test tells you that maybe you shouldn’t worry about it at all. Like what you like and go out and enjoy it. If you like males, go get you one, females, sure why not. Girls with something extra or guys with something missing, if it stokes your fire enjoy it.

Life is short and pleasures can be fleeting. Embrace what you like and go out there and get it!

Are You Straight or Gay? Take my test!

In the T-Girl world straight can be thrown out there as a verification test. A T-Girl that can stir a straight guy into a sexual froth, well now that proves that she’s got it going on! She’s not just passable, she’s hot, sexy and all those other adjectives that are laid up around a pretty girl. She has passed the ultimate test.

But hold on a minute, how can a guy be straight and get all turned on about a girl with a penis? Isn’t that whole penis thing gay? Sure you touch your own, but touching someone else’s? Now that’s crazy talk!

As I was discussing in an earlier post there are tests out there for everything. Even helping you figure out what your favorite type of dress sock is. Personally, I like the ones that don’t slide down. In an effort to clear up this ‘straight vs gay’ thing I have developed a little test of my own. So let’s get right to it.

View the picture below for a moment. I’ll wait….

Ok…I didn’t think it’d take you that long. Now, answer the following questions honestly. Do you find this person sexually attractive? If by some miracle you were to get the green light would you ‘do’ this person? Feel free to write your answers down or just remember them. We’ll discuss them at the end of the test.

Again, please view the following picture.

Do you find this person sexually attractive? Would you have sex with them given the opportunity? I bet you already see where this test is going.

Next picture.

Things are a little different now. This person may have some qualities you find sexually attractive and one quality that is not attractive. Now your answers might not be as definite. Consider your answers to the same questions as before and be honest. Even if the answer is ‘maybe’.

Last picture. You know the drill.

Whoa. Is this one is the real mind bender? Do you find this person sexually attractive? Would you have sexual relations with this person given the opportunity?

It is said that we eat with our eyes first. The attractiveness of the plated food draws us in and sets our expectations for the meal. Here are four attractive meals with two of them possessing some exotic flavors. Perhaps too exotic for some tastes.

Now lets break down your answers.

Yes, no, no, no. You are probably arrow straight.

Yes, no, maybe/yes, no. You’re straight with an open mind, but not too open.

Yes, no, no, yes. You are biologically straight. Female DNA only please.

No, yes, yes, no. You’re biologically homosexual. Is that even a thing?

No, yes, no, yes. You like guys and you’re not too picky about the equipment.

No, no, yes, no or no, no, no yes. You’re very specific about your sex partners you delicious little kinkster you!

Yes, yes, yes, yes. You love sex and congratulations! You have the best chances to get ya some out of all of the rest of us!

No, no, no, no. What the heck are you even doing on this site?

So after this exhausting test what have your learned for certain? I like dress socks that don’t slide down. But maybe I also got you thinking about straight vs gay in a different light. Next time I’ll talk about my answers to this test.