Feeling stressed?

I saw this gif online somewhere and had to share it here. I have no idea who this is, but I love her smile and the way she bites her bottom lip as she gives that hard cock of hers a little twang. Suddenly this caption popped into my head:

Feeling stressed? I’ve got something to take your mind off of it!

Now that would be some awesome stress relief!

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R.U. Wild

I'm a mid-western farm boy that has a deep interest in dominant women with a penis. I like to write fantasy stories about them dominating men to entertain other people who share my interest. I like lots of other things, but this is the only one I write about. If you haven't read any of my stories you can find some for free on Literotica.com or for sale on Smashwords and Amazon. As much as I like to make money I'd suggest you read some free ones before you pay for any. Thanks for any support you might give me and for checking out my blog.

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