I Love Captions

Holy crap. It’s already been over a month since the last post? I don’t think that’s considered blogging. I guess it sucks to be a writer or a blogger and be a man of few words. Anyway….today I wanted to tell the world that I love Captions. Maybe not all of them, but a lot of them. Take this one for instance.


I love this caption
I love this caption


So many great things to read into those few words attached to that great picture. I would love to give some great ‘pat on the back’ feedback to whoever did that one. Just awesome. Lets break it down in case you’ve haven’t thought about this caption. “Just keep breathing…” So she’s big enough that he’s struggling to take her. “sweetheart” implies they’re close. Dating? Married? Maybe she just grew the penis. “Only one more inch to go” She plans on going all the way in. This is the kind of dynamic that gets my motor roaring!

Lately, I’ve been so interested in captions or captures that I wanted to try my hand at some. The one below is the first one I’ve ever done. The picture stole my imagination first. After all there stands a beautiful woman in a sexy black dress and look what has popped out for a look around. I’d love to have a quickie with her while everyone else is busy at the party. Maybe I knew what she had before I asked for the quckie, and maybe not. Either way, this tryst is about to get really interesting.


I am too!!
I am too!!


I hope you like my first attempt at a caption. I want to do some more and have some pictures saved back to work with. Feel free to share a picture with me if you’d like for me to caption it. After all, I’m always open for suggestions.

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