The Mighty T-Girl Bulge

I love a nice T-Girl bulge. Small ones, big ones, doesn’t matter much to me. It’s more of the context of the situation. I think an actual T-Girl bulge is rare for the obvious reason, she’s trying to look like a girl. And I can fully understand that and support it. However, for the purposes of my fantasies at least, I think there are situations where a T-Girl bulge is hugely erotic.

Honey, let's go dancing!
Honey, let’s go out dancing tonight!

I believe that it shows potential to the world for where an evening could go and if she shoots you the right look it could also show some delicious  intent. Now living in the sleepy Midwest I have yet to see a T-girl bulge out anywhere. Pretty sure that it’s never going to happen here, L.A. maybe, Midwest, nope, but this pictures work for me.

I love the images like this first one. She is dressed for the public and in my mind she wants to let the world know what the lucky guy she’s with is going to get tonight. Her T-girl bulge!

These next pictures could be photo shopped/faked but since I’m in the

I just love being near the ocean with you!
I just get so excited being near the ocean with you!

business of selling fantasies so who am I to judge? Besides, they are both believable and great shots.  Can you imagine strolling along the bay with this lovely woman? She is holding your hand and sneaking you kisses as you stroll along the waterfront.  The other couples passing you see her bulge and smile knowingly. She whispers all warm and breathy in your ear, “I love how it turns you on for me to show my bulge in public.”



Uh...something's come up and I think we need to go home! Yes, now!
Uh…something’s come up and I think we need to go home! Yes, now!

This woman is sporting a little something extra in her shorts. You two are visiting with the neighbors when the way you lick your lips has an interesting effect on your girlfriend’s T-girl bulge. Her sudden desire to enjoy your talented mouth causes her to announce to the table. “Come on Honey. We need to go home. I have something I need you to do for me.” When she stands up her need is obvious to everyone at the table as she takes your hand and pulls you home.

These are just my idle T-girl bulge fantasies. I’m sure you have some of your own. If you want you can share yours in a comment if you like.

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4 thoughts on “The Mighty T-Girl Bulge”

  1. Hello
    Im Japanese and one of your fans.
    I love to read your dominant shemales stories.
    I read Your Best Damn Girlfriend Ever and
    R.U. Wild’s World of Dominant Shemales also.
    Those stories are awesome for me.
    Especilally I like spy girl and Tgirl rodeo.
    I also love stories contain “who is bigger”. Ofcouse I like shemale get win.Then I love stories “A Bachelor Party”and “Matt’s Birthday Present”
    I like shemale bulge and tent very much even they are fake.
    I was excited with “The Errand” and “Her Bulge”.
    I have jointed Fcxy Angel’s site 5-6yearts ago.
    I was fascinated with Foxy Angel .I think She is bigger than over 99% Japanese guys.Even one million Japanes guys gather No one win against her.
    I read your stories at site.Spy girl site version was a little deferent with
    I wish I can read a lot of dominant shemaale strories on line
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for letting me know you like my stories Nagoyan. I haven’t been on the blog much because I’m trying to push my next book out. Foxy Angel is no doubt my muse. She has brought a lot of inspiration to my writing over the years. I only posted Spy Girl on the LIterotica site so I’m not sure if someone reposted that story somewhere else and decided to do a little editing to it. If you don’t mind please share the other site with me. I’d like to check it out.

      Thanks again,
      R.U. Wild

  2. I know what you mean, I’ve often thought about making eye contact with a lady across the room, then noticing the bulge, or growing bulge as we go somewhere more private.

    Awesome stories!

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