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Thanks for taking a minute to join me here in my little corner of the internet. I’m the mouse hole in the mansion that is the internet, in the corner of the pantry off the kitchen, at the back behind the long forgotten mop bucket and Pine-Sol. I expect to go largely unnoticed by the world, but for those adventurous few of you who find your way through my mouse hole, together we will explore a world filled with dominant T-Girls. We will discuss the impossible as if it were the every day, dreams as if they are reality and desires, oh the desires, those will be plumbed to the very depths. There will be the whimsical, the humorous, the thoughtful, the provoking, the sad and so many other emotions. Welcome Alex, or is it Alice? But whomever it is, ignore that silly looking glass and follow me down the mouse hole into my world of T-Girl dominance and my view of submission.

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R.U. Wild

I'm a mid-western farm boy that has a deep interest in dominant women with a penis. I like to write fantasy stories about them dominating men to entertain other people who share my interest. I like lots of other things, but this is the only one I write about. If you haven't read any of my stories you can find some for free on Literotica.com or for sale on Smashwords and Amazon. As much as I like to make money I'd suggest you read some free ones before you pay for any. Thanks for any support you might give me and for checking out my blog.

5 thoughts on “Welcome T-girl lovers!”

  1. Hi, hon – lovely to meet you! Just finished reading ‘R.U. Wild’s World of Dominant Shemales’ and I am excited to see what you can do with a longer story.

    T-Girl Rodeo may be the most satisfying story I have read in a very long time. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the stories. If you want to read some of my longer work for free go to Literotica.com and search ruwild. My stuff will pop up. The longest is probably T-Girl Fairy Tale. But one of the best reviewed and highest scoring is Jeremy’s School Bully two part series. T-Girl Rodeo was my first ever story and I have to say that it is still one of my favorites. Thanks again!!

        1. Thank you! I like the book version of Your Best Damn Girlfriend Ever. The version on the Literotica site has a crappy ending. No wonder I took so much flak about it. Thanks for dropping me a note!

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