Are You Straight or Gay? Take my test!

In the T-Girl world straight can be thrown out there as a verification test. A T-Girl that can stir a straight guy into a sexual froth, well now that proves that she’s got it going on! She’s not just passable, she’s hot, sexy and all those other adjectives that are laid up around a pretty girl. She has passed the ultimate test.

But hold on a minute, how can a guy be straight and get all turned on about a girl with a penis? Isn’t that whole penis thing gay? Sure you touch your own, but touching someone else’s? Now that’s crazy talk!

As I was discussing in an earlier post there are tests out there for everything. Even helping you figure out what your favorite type of dress sock is. Personally, I like the ones that don’t slide down. In an effort to clear up this ‘straight vs gay’ thing I have developed a little test of my own. So let’s get right to it.

View the picture below for a moment. I’ll wait….

Ok…I didn’t think it’d take you that long. Now, answer the following questions honestly. Do you find this person sexually attractive? If by some miracle you were to get the green light would you ‘do’ this person? Feel free to write your answers down or just remember them. We’ll discuss them at the end of the test.

Again, please view the following picture.

Do you find this person sexually attractive? Would you have sex with them given the opportunity? I bet you already see where this test is going.

Next picture.

Things are a little different now. This person may have some qualities you find sexually attractive and one quality that is not attractive. Now your answers might not be as definite. Consider your answers to the same questions as before and be honest. Even if the answer is ‘maybe’.

Last picture. You know the drill.

Whoa. Is this one is the real mind bender? Do you find this person sexually attractive? Would you have sexual relations with this person given the opportunity?

It is said that we eat with our eyes first. The attractiveness of the plated food draws us in and sets our expectations for the meal. Here are four attractive meals with two of them possessing some exotic flavors. Perhaps too exotic for some tastes.

Now lets break down your answers.

Yes, no, no, no. You are probably arrow straight.

Yes, no, maybe/yes, no. You’re straight with an open mind, but not too open.

Yes, no, no, yes. You are biologically straight. Female DNA only please.

No, yes, yes, no. You’re biologically homosexual. Is that even a thing?

No, yes, no, yes. You like guys and you’re not too picky about the equipment.

No, no, yes, no or no, no, no yes. You’re very specific about your sex partners you delicious little kinkster you!

Yes, yes, yes, yes. You love sex and congratulations! You have the best chances to get ya some out of all of the rest of us!

No, no, no, no. What the heck are you even doing on this site?

So after this exhausting test what have your learned for certain? I like dress socks that don’t slide down. But maybe I also got you thinking about straight vs gay in a different light. Next time I’ll talk about my answers to this test.

Shemales: Not Just for Domination?

I’ve been thinking about that test I took awhile ago that said I’m an Alpha male. Granted, I don’t believe that an online test is the end all, be all of determining your dominance level. After all there are tests out there that will tell you what type of dog you would be, who’s the friend you’re most likely to end up in a jail cell with and what Disney princess you would be and no, I haven’t taken any of those. Even I have limits.

On this blog and in most of my stories I focus the male being submissive, but I could certainly top the right T-Girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still more submissive than dominant, but a big part of my submissiveness is about pleasuring the woman I’m with. If I’m shoving her up against the wall and we’re passionately going at it and she’s digging it, like reeeeealy digging it, then it would be ‘All aboard! This train is leaving the station!’.

Take the lovely lady above. If you were lucky enough to be making out with Ana and she was passionately returning your attentions while murmuring how much she wanted you inside her, well I’m pretty darn sure I would rise to the occasion. A big part of the sub thing, at least for me, is to be wanted by someone so badly they are aggressive and instant about what they want. Because of that I still find femdom interesting. Not as titliating as these beautiful and delicious T-Girls, but pretty darn exciting if the woman is really into it and not just playing a part.

Dominance and submission comes in many different shades of gray. (I bet you see what I did there) I don’t know if I will ever discuss it all here and you’ll be happy to know that is not my intention. After all, I only have my own experiences to draw from and when it comes to D/s sex, I’m well read, but hardly worldly.

I guess we’ll explore it some together and we’ll talk about my stories and we’ll have fun with some captions along the way. If you want to share your experiences and wisdom with me I’d be happy to listen.


I like this picture a lot. Grabbing his hips and pulling him toward her with that hard cock ready and waiting. Simply wonderful. I’m really enjoying writing these captions and think I’m going to do a run of dominant step mom/sister/daughter ones. They seem to be hitting my grove lately even though I’ve steered clear of them in my stories so far. I hope this one gives you a little thrill of excitement as you continue it in your head.

People Watching!

Recently got home from a week at Myrtle Beach. I hung out on the beach for at least several hours every day. Not for the tanning; I was under the umbrella. It was the surf, relaxation and people watching. I love people watching and on the beach they come in every shape and size. Literally. All those women were enough to put my Walter Mitty brain into complete over load. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be a bikini clad female body and in my mind each one was a dominant shemale looking for a guy to enjoy.

The lovely young lass above was set up on the beach just feet away from my position. All I could think about was what it would be like if she was sporting some wood and I could go over and straddle her for a little fun in the sun. And where she was one, there were another fifty, or maybe a hundred, I was too busy fantasizing to waste time counting. There were a bus load of women sitting in beach chairs, legs spread just enough for me to imagine giving them a sloppy blowjob as they enjoyed their book or magazine. Every cute female was fodder for my imagination. I was seeing this:

And dreaming this: (Bless whoever shopped this pic)

Then it dawned on me; with all of the beautiful women surrounding me I wasn’t thinking about regular old sex with any of them. Not one. There was a time when I would have at least been equal opportunity in the sex realm, but now it seems like I’m more in the world of give me girl cock or I’ll pass, thank you very much.

I was boogie boarding near a teenage girl and two boys horsing around in the surf. One of the boys kept picking the girl up and she would grumble at him and squirm a little. At one point I heard her say, “Don’t! If you keep it up you’re going….” and of course my brain supplied, “…make me hard!” From there I spent the next ten minutes putting together a whole scenario. (Sorry, but the beer washed it out of my head before I could write it down.)

I guess this post is more of a self-realization that I have OSD. Obsessive Shemale Disorder. I wonder if it’s terminal?




An Alpha Male and Subission

I’ve been reading some Omegaverse fan fiction lately. That whole universe is based on humans who have wolf/dog pack characteristics that are Alpha/Beta/Omega. In this universe sex is a little different. Out side of the ‘normal’ biology you have Omega males who can get pregnant by either another male or an Alpha female. That whole Alpha female on Omega male thing is quite intriguing to me and at some point I may take a stab at that in their universe, but I digress. That is a long lead in to explain why I was interested enough to take an on line test last week to determine if I’m Alpha, Beta or Omega. I expected to come out a Beta, but much to my surprise, according to the test, I’m an Alpha.

If that’s the case, why the heck am I so darn sexually submissive?! That answer is out there on the internet and I’m not going to go into all the psychology of it here. Instead, I’d like to explore it a little from my point of view.

In my every day life I’m not some CEO or any one of  the other high powered positions that come to mind when you think ‘Alpha male’. However, I am a manager of sorts with a significant amount of responsibility that requires me to wear my Alpha hat. In the rest of my life I generally try to resist taking on any more responsibility or telling others what to do. I won’t let people push me around, but at the same time I’m not aggressive. But I’m not even sure if any of that plays into my submissiveness. I’m a very partner focused person and I like to make people happy. When the person I’m in bed with is getting off on what I’m doing…well that’s what gets me off. If she does that and acts like she really wants me, won’t take no for an answer type of wants me, I’m putty in her hands.

So I guess this isn’t the in depth expose’ I was thinking it might be. Maybe I’m really just that simple. If you want me and really let me know that you’ve got to have me, I’m probably yours. And yours and yours and yours too. Good thing for my current relationship that no one ever try’s to take me like that or I’d be in deep trouble.

Submission isn’t the same for everyone and my version is very vanilla with maybe some chocolate syrup and a few nuts. No where near the Rocky Road of cuckolding or the black raspberry chocolate chunk of BDSM, but with the right partner, okay it would have to be the perfect partner, I might take a small bowl and give those choices a try.